Donations & Support for the Valley of the Kings

There are an enormous number of things that must be done to keep The Valley of the Kings sanctuary going. We need funds for building materials, donated items from our Wish List, and help with many projects we just cannot do ourselves, including expanding animal enclosures, rewiring all the electricity, re-roofing the barns, and completely fencing in the property.

Of course, there is a day-to-day need for donations for food. All our animals eat 365 days a year. We need everyone’s help, no matter how small. Please consider joining our extended family by becoming a member of the Valley of the Kings or sponsoring a lion, tiger, bear, or other rescued animals!

Help support The Valley of the Kings by donating through PayPal!Valley of the Kings Paypal

Please use the Friends and Family option when donating through PayPal!


There are many ways to support us beyond simply making a donation through PayPal. You can make Valley of the Kings your charity of choice through AmazonSmile, donate profits from items you sell on eBay, help the environment (plus the animals) by recycling regularly, or order Boomer Balls for the big cats to play with. You can find all these links these on our What’s New page.

Valley of the Kings Workdays
If you would like to help make a difference here at Valley of the Kings, then come help us on our Organized Workdays.  Workdays will be announced/posted on our Facebook Event page at

Please contact the following people for more information on VOTK Workdays:

  • Construction projects and general volunteering:
    • General volunteers must be a member of Valley of the Kings, no exceptions. Please refer to our membership page to become a member, then apply to become a volunteer.

You can also contact The Valley of the Kings directly at

  • VOTK Sanctuary phone number – (262)736-9386
  • VOTK Sanctuary cell phone number – (262) 206-1401
  • Or, just send us an e-mail at

How to help The Valley of the Kings without giving money?

Lots of folks have asked this question. There are plenty of ways to help without spending a dime. Try some of these ideas:

  • Spread the word about us and our animals and our many, many needs to your friends, families, classmates, co-workers
  • Tell folks about this website — they can become a member and meet the animals at VOTK and learn more about them!
  • Download our brochure, print out several copies and distribute them (maybe your local pet food store would let you put a pile of them on their counter)
  • Ask friends & neighbors to solicit donations of matching gifts from their employers
  • Locate businesses that can donate items from our wish list
  • Hold a fundraiser

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